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How to Live Stream Your Wedding

An insiders view to the gear and techniques you need to stream your wedding

My first live stream was of a family funeral in March 2020 – just as restrictions kicked in with a 10 person limit for funerals and weddings. I used my phone and streamed to my family via Facebook live – the vision was OK but the audio not so good.

A month later I streamed another family funeral using a DSLR camera with a shotgun microphone – much better.

I then started investigated professional live streaming. I own EventPix which is a corporate event photography and video business so we already had experience in video making, by adding some professional audio and switching equipment I setup EventPix Live (for corporate clients) and Our Live Wedding.

Based on this experience I created an eBook that is my gift to you.

So what is the best option for you?

Based on my experience I step through the pros and cons of live streaming set-ups from using your phone to a multi-camera professional production.

Trevor Connell - Owner of EventPix and Our Live Wedding

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