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  • Trevor Connell

For the smart bride, the ‘wedding wardrobe’ replaces The Dress

Still thinking about your wedding dress and how to maximise the impact of your choice?

Megan Ziems, founder and creative director of Grace Loves Lace which has 17 showrooms locally and internationally, says she is seeing two distinct types of brides emerge from the pandemic. “Those that have come out of lockdown and decided they want to get married in six to eight weeks and are after a great ready-to-wear dress, or those brides that are excited to find their gown but apprehensive about setting a date,” she says.

“The after-party allows couples to celebrate one of their biggest life milestones with family and friends – without the added pressures that come with the traditional ceremony.”

Who needs one wedding when you can have two? And, as Ziems says, it gives brides the opportunity to expand their “wedding wardrobe”. Enter, the party dress.

Gold Coast-based bridal brand Grace Loves Lace has attracted international attention for its laid-back approach using lightweight fabrics with no restrictive elements like zips and boning.

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