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  • Trevor Connell

How to keep your online guests engaged at the reception?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

If you are streaming your reception there will be times when you and your guests are eating – which may not be very exciting for those watching at home. So here are some ideas to keep them engaged.

Pre-recorded video inserts. These could be messages from yourself or family and friends. Our director will pop these in at scheduled times.

Interviews with the guests. Get your MC or a member of your bridal party to roam the room and have your guests share anecdotes about the couple. We setup a roving camera and microphone to accompany the interviewer.

Guest comments. Along with the video stream we can embed a comments book on your webpage. Guests can interact with each other via the comments.

Party at home. Send a bottle of champagne to your at-home guests with an invitation to watch the stream and to join in the toasts. Invite them to dress for the occasion and share some selfies that we can pop into the stream.

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