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  • Trevor Connell

Most restrictions have ended – so do you still need to livestream your wedding?

Livesteaming was godsend for couples getting married during lockouts with ceremonies and receptions streamed to family and friends around Australia and around the world.

So now that most restrictions have ended would you still livestream your wedding?

Hare a few reasons based on our experience over the past two years.

Travel is still an issue

The first reason is still travel. Although it is now easier for interstate guests to get to Sydney there are some who prefer not to travel just yet – or they live in the Republic of WA.

Overseas guests will be looking at expensive airfares for a while yet.

And then there are older family members who are not up to travelling. We had one couple who shared their wedding with an elderly grandparent who enjoyed the stream on a big TV in a nursing home with the other residents enjoying the fun as well.

Livestreaming can keep your costs down

Now this may seem odd. How does paying for an extra service reduce costs? Well, just look at the average cost per guest at a reception centre.

According to an article in Easy WeddingsA venue in NSW will cost you an average of $15,002. Based on the average of 100 guests, you should budget around $150 per head for your venue, including additions.

So if you keep the guest list down by providing a great stay at home experience you can have more guests in total for less outlay.

A typical budget for ceremony and reception streaming by Our Live Wedding is around $3200, so by sharing with 22 online guests you have saved the cost of them attending the reception. And we generally have many more than that watching.

At one wedding we did last year the bride’s cousins got together in Adelaide and created their own reception. We crossed live to them so they could toast and share their congratulations with the couple and the guests in Sydney.

We also had a bride who wanted to share her wedding with her clients (but only wanted close friends and family at the event). The clients loved it and felt included.

An intimate ceremony with guests online

You could have your ceremony in an intimate location with a few select guests so the focus in on you.

We have streamed ceremonies with as few as 15 guests – with another 50 online.

However, an intimate ceremony in a remote location might have challenges with mobile reception – so check with us first – we do have a workaround.

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