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  • Trevor Connell

Tips for live streaming your garden wedding

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Set the stage

Whether your wedding is taking place in a backyard garden or a fabulous wedding venue garden you can add your personal style to make your ceremony feel more personal.

Simple decor such as strategically placed flowers or candles can transform a backyard garden into a beautiful setting for a wedding.

Spread the word

When you livestream your wedding, you can invite a lot more friends and family to join you without having to break the bank.

Couples can also expand their guest list. Send an electronic invite to guests to let them know when you plan to live stream your event. You can also announce the date and time on your (private) social media channels.

Make it interactive

Although your online guests will be tuning in remotely, they can still take part in the festivities. For instance, you can ask virtual attendees to make cocktails at home and share a toast with you, or encourage people to wear attire that suits the theme of your wedding.

Your Live Wedding livestream allows your online guests to post comments and well wishes. You can also bring your online guests in for a chat via Zoom.

The technology

The Live Wedding team from EventPix will look after the technology – cameras, video and audio mixing and the crucial livestream. Why not suggest your guests be fully engaged by putting their phones away during the ceremony. The live stream will be far better quality than what they will be sharing and they can replay it post event as much as they like.

Your wedding can be livestreamed from anywhere with a good 4G phone signal.


Live music outdoors can be so romantic but don’t let it overpower the ceremony. Acoustic music will need to be miced up for the live stream by an EventPix technician who will also adjust the mix during the ceremony. This technician can also provide and monitor a small PA system for the ceremony and the music. An electric keyboard can be plugged directly into the EventPix audio mixer.

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