How does your live streaming work?

Videographers with professional video cameras capture the best angles and the important moments.

Professional microphones are positioned where the action is - with or on the partners getting married and the celebrant. 

The vision and audio feeds are mixed by a professional technician.

The resultant digital signal is sent direct to Vimeo and embedded on your webpage.


Can we watch the live stream after the event?

Yes you can. Vimeo has a playback function and we will provide you with a copy of the video that went live.


How do we share our live stream and will it be private?

Private sharing is via a dedicated web page or you can go public via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.

You then have control of who gets invitations to the web page or or other platforms.


Can our guests interact?

That depends on the platform - Facebook Live for example allows viewers to comment. We can also stream via Zoom and allow your online guests to interact.


Do you cover the reception as well?

We can, that is included in the Ultimate package.

Happy to discuss options with you. 


Can you do still photography for us as well?

Our team will be focused on getting the best live video feed - however we have dozens of great photographers on our books who we can recommend for a fantastic stills coverage.


What about audio and music?

We usually take a feed from the celebrant's PA and/or mic up the celebrant and the couple to ensure all the formalities are clearly captured for your online guests to hear.  

We can also provide a separate sound system with an operator so your onsite guests can hear clearly.

We can mic up any musicians and/or singers and our operator can also play-back pre-recorded music.

We then take a feed from the sound desk to mix separately into the live feed.

Do you need power?

Normally yes, however we have a fully battery powered system if power is not available. 

Do I need a licence for pre-recorded music?

Our preferred platform is Vimeo where our subscription covered licenced music. Other social media platforms require music by contemporary artists to be licenced, which can be difficult to manage. 


Can’t I just have my wedding streamed from an iPhone?

Most weddings these days are “Live streamed” by guests waving their phone around and sending the result to Facebook Live - but who wants to watch a wobble cam with bad audio?

Yes modern phones have the ability to shoot great video and they can be used for really good live streaming - if the phone is mounted on a tripod or a gimbal and a decent microphone is connected - but that microphone has to be close to the action in order to get clear sound.

Why not get your guests to put their phones away and actually enjoy YOUR day. 


I’ve already hired a videographer - can you live stream from their cameras?

Yes and no - it depends.

Wedding videographers shoot to edit later, so they tend to shoot in short snippets and from many angles. And they move around a lot. 

In order to live stream, the cameras and microphones need to be connected to the live mixing/switcher unit. This involves either long cables or a wireless HDMI connection for each camera, and these need to be connected and tested in advance. So if your videographer is only covering the ceremony (and reception), yes we can, as long as they are happy to be on site an hour before the ceremony.

However, if your videographer is covering the bride(s) and/or groom(s) preparing, cars arriving, etc then they will not have time to get connected and tested when they arrive at the ceremony.

But we are more than happy to talk to them to see what we can work out.


Can you produce a wedding video for us from what you have shot?

Yes we can.

We do this by adding an extra videographer who is not tethered to the live feed.  This video is then mixed with the recorded live program.

Once again - talk to us about what you want to achieve.