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Packages range from coverage of just the ceremony or your reception as well.

Capturing your wedding

Image by Leonardo Miranda

Standard Ceremony Package

  • 2 x camera operators are able to capture the couple from different angles while a static camera provides a wide view. 

  • The kit 3 x HD video cameras, a vision switcher and streaming equipment.

  • Audio is taken from the venue or celebrant PA (NB if this is not possible, or you have live music, then you need to consider the *add-on audio package)

  • The producer switches between the cameras, monitors the audio and manages the stream and recording. 

Image by David Goldman

Add-On Audio Package

  • An independent audio mix is captured using discrete microphones on the celebrant, the couple, lectern, musicians, DJ, etc. via a professional mixing desk. This is managed by a dedicated Audio Operator.

Cutting the Wedding Cake

Ceremony & Reception Package

  • ​In addition to the ceremony package we provide coverage of the reception - generally up to the cake cutting and first dance

  • Pre-recorded video packages or Skype calls from guests who cannot attend can be inserted

  • Audio is taken from the venue PA or the DJ or band, plus additional microphones as required to ensure we capture the speeches

  • We can provide a video feed of the stream to show on the venue's screens if practical

  • Budget is dependant on the total time from ceremony commencement to the end of the streaming 

Other Options

Other options
Brides at the Alter

Elopement Package

  • A smaller system designed for basic outdoor weddings or venues with limited space.

  • Coverage via one roving camera and one static camera​

  • Audio is taken from the celebrant PA only (additional miking is not available in this package)

  • The Producer switches between the cameras, monitors the audio, manages the static camera, the stream and recording. 

outdoor wedding 2.jpg

Additional Video

  • Option 1: additional video is shot after the ceremony by one of our stream videographers.

  • Option 2: an extra videographer will cover the preparation and then other shots after the ceremony

  • Option 3: Reception coverage via a  single camera including speeches, cake cutting and first dance (not streamed)

  • The additional video is then mixed with the recorded live program to build a full documentary coverage of your wedding


Videographer Integration

  • Our standard ATEM switcher accepts up to four inputs and is designed to work with the above packages

  • Our ATEM Extreme switcher has eight inputs and that allows us to take additional feeds from your wedding videographer. We connect them up via wireless units so they can still move around

Additional services available

  • Pre-recorded or live feed from online guests that can be incorporated into the stream and shown on a screen at the reception (screen provided by the venue or hired separately)

  • Setup for online guest interaction via Skype, Zoom, Facebook, etc - following the ceremony they can chat with the bridal party

  • If your celebrant does not have a PA we can provide a small system with microphones and playback facility for your music selections - this unit feeds into the live stream

  • A medium PA with mixing desk to accommodate a small musical group - also fed into the live stream

  • Recommendations for decorators, entertainers, celebrants, etc who we have worked with.


Additional Services

General Information

Your Live Wedding team will

  • Work closely with your celebrant, wedding planner, and of course you

  • If we are not familiar with the venue we will where practical, meet with you at the venue before your wedding to ensure all technical and practical details are addressed

  • Provide a fixed budget with no surprises

  • Have Covid-19 protocols in place for staff and equipment

  • Arrive on the day in plenty of time to set up and test all equipment - especially the live feed


All packages include

  • The stream hosted on Vimeo and embedded in a private webpage for you with a comments section for your online guests

  • Professional cameras, audio, vision switching and streaming equipment

  • Internet connectivity via Ethernet if available, otherwise we use a 4G router

  • The video mix is recorded and an edited version delivered a week or so after your wedding

  • A fully battery operated package is also available where no power is available

Meet the team

  • Live streaming is essentially a small scale TV production - the gear and the roles are similar (just not as expensive)

  • The Camera Operators are equipped with professional video cameras to capture the action in HD video

  • The Producer manages the feed from the cameras and switches between those feeds to create a seamless coverage of your wedding. They also manage the audio, the stream and the recording

  • The Audio Operator - for more complex audio situations a separate audio operator will mix feeds from the celebrant, the couple and any live or pre-recorded music

Your budget

  • The prices for standard ceremony only packages are listed above and include up to one hour of live streaming

  • The rate for additional hours is based on how many operators are involved (all setup and equipment hire costs are included in the initial package) 

  • 25% deposit required to confirm your booking

  • Prices include GST

Travel & Accommodation

  • Travel within the Sydney metro area is included - essentially a 35km radius of Parramatta that extends north to Hawkesbury River, west to Nepean River, south to Camden, Campbelltown, Sutherland and Royal National Park.

  • Travel outside this area is charged at $60 per person per additional hour of travel from Parramatta (centre of Greater Sydney).  eg Hunter Valley is approx. 2 hours from Parramatta, that is an additional 2 hours travel (there and back) the Standard team is 3 so 2 x 3 x 60 = $360

  • Accommodation may be requested if it is unreasonable to return from a late finish. eg after 10pm for a wedding in the Hunter Valley.


  • Onsite parking is required for the Producer (who delivers the kit) - nearby parking is required for the camera and audio operators.

  • Some outdoor venues may have spectacular views of Sydney Harbour but it is sometimes difficult to find parking nearby. In these instances we may have to deliver the equipment by taxi - any additional parking or access costs will be charged to the client.

Internet access

  • A decent internet connection is essential to ensure a good live stream experience for your online guests.

  • Our preferred option is to use an ethernet connection in the venue (wi-fi is mostly not suitable).

  • Where ethernet is not available we use a Telstra 4G router. However there are many 4G dead spots around Sydney, in which case we record a live mix of the ceremony and will upload that as soon as we can get decent reception.


General Info

How long do you need to setup?

Depending on the venue and the package, we will require access between one and two hours before the guests arrive.  The cameras have to be set-up and connected to the vision switcher.  Audio connected and checked.  It is important that all equipment is fully tested (especially the stream) before we go live.

What equality is the stream?

We stream and record at Full HD (1080p) however the stream may be delivered at a lower definition if we have limited internet access. The quality for the person watching also depends on their internet access.

What equipment do you use?

We use professional Panasonic and Sony video cameras, Rode and Shure microphones, Blackmagic ATEM vision mixers; and a Berringer audio mixer when required.

Why so many crew?

Live streaming is like live television. We need content for the entire length of the stream.


To ensure we can get a clear shot of the action we need operators for each of the main cameras so they can pan and zoom to follow the action, they also need to be able to move about to get the best shots.


The producer needs to focus on the feed from those cameras, give directions to the camera operators, monitor the audio and ensure the stream is working - a very busy role.


When live music is involved we setup a separate audio mixing desk with a separate operator who can focus just on getting a good sound mix.

How long is the stream available online?

Your guests can access the stream for up to three months.

Why Vimeo rather than YouTube or Facebook?

We subscribe to the Vimeo professional service which provides better privacy.

This licence also ensures the stream is not shut down when you play copyrighted music (as happens with YouTube in particular).

What People Say

Wedding Party

Marie & Tony

With the expertise of EventPix, we were able to share our wedding with our loved ones overseas in December 2020 (with COVID restrictions).

We opted to spend a little more rather than use ZOOM and my sister's husband's camera skills. We are so pleased with that decision. Well worth it!

Thank you Trevor (& team) for your amazing efforts from pre-planning layout (including my extra outside the box requests) to full on live execution and value add-on with the massive extras such as photos, when we couldn't afford a photographer.

The recording and photos are our keepsake from our wedding. Thank you so much!

Wedding Ceremony

Ami & David

On behalf of me and my new husband to say the biggest thank you for everything on Friday last week with our wedding.

It felt like everything was done so seamlessly and I didn’t need to stress or worry about anything at all. My family and friends back home loved being able to be included in our special day and spoke so highly of the quality of the stream they were able to watch.

I hope you will be able to pass on our thank you to everyone who was involved in your team, I personally am so beyond grateful to have shared everything live with my family.

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