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Weddings allowed again in NSW

From Friday 3 September 2021, small wedding services can be held in NSW. However it would appear that only outdoor weddings can be held. Your wedding can be livestreamed though.

You can attend a small wedding service in Greater Sydney if:

  • you are legally required to conduct the  wedding service being the celebrant or officiant

  • you are one of the 2 people getting married

  • you are one of the 2 necessary witnesses 

  • you are recording the service or 

  • a parent,  child or sibling of one of the people getting married. 

Then there are additional restrictions depending where you live in Sydney – full details are on the NSW Government website

However it seems that you can only get married outdoors and not in a place of worship as they are still not allowed to open to members of the public.

You are not allowed to have a reception.

There are no separate guidelines regarding mask wearing so we must assume that the current rule that you must wear a mask whenever you leave your home applies.

One person is allowed to record the service – photographer, videographer or live streaming.

We normally have a team of two camera operators with an audio and a vision mixer to ensure the most professional coverage of your wedding. To service these smaller weddings we have put together a small kit with two cameras and a laptop that can be operated by one person.

A fully vaccinated operator is available who can shoot and run the livestream. We could also do some still photos following the livestream.

A livestream operator is permitted to travel between Sydney LGAs and further than 5 Kms to attend a wedding service.

The NSW government has given no indication as to when larger weddings can be held. However based on other information, the best estimate is that a small increase will happen when we reach 70% full vaccination. Once we reach 80% full vaccination we expect that initially all events could still be capped at the 2 sqm rule and then gradually the restrictions will loosen more.

So if you can’t wait you can get married now and you can share the event with your family and friends via livestream – they can have a party at home to celebrate with you.

Give as a call to discuss your wedding on 1300 850 021 or contact us via this form.

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